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How do l join School of Nursing?

You can join School of nursing in the following ways i) By doing an interview ii) Meeting all the requirements for Nursing school


Our focus on health and poverty does not end when someone crosses the official threshold for extreme poverty to earn $1.90/day. Poverty alleviation also extends to those with higher incomes who nonetheless remain severely poor. Poverty is multi-dimensional, requiring an approach to address hunger and food insecurity, illiteracy and innumeracy, ill-health, dis-empowerment, marginalization and vulnerability.


We strive for efficiency, effectiveness, and meaningful results across our work. We aspire to lead international and US Government efforeconomic, political, social, and environmental well-being of the world’s most vulnerable people. We continually seek to improve our operations and increase our impact. We take pride in our work and our accomplishments.


We are honest and transparent, accountable for our efforts, and maintain a consistently high moral standard. We are ethical in all that we do. We are fair with colleagues, partners, and those we serve, building relationships of trust.

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Student Testimonials
friends they don't ask where you studied from and how.what matters is the knowledge and skill you have to transform the community thanks.
congratulation to all my lecturers for having given me enough knowledge to face the world. then to all my friends outside there am welcoming you to uci for the betterment of ur future.thanks
Ekwang Emmanuel - field assistance
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