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UCIPD is a leading institution in Northern Uganda that strives to address the challenges faced by the rural communities in line with livelihood improve program based in agricultural training to access developmental strategy, the poorest communities can easily access life improvement only if they are trained with personal skills in commercial agriculture. UCIPD was formed mainly to transforming the lives of the communities through implementing the professional development initiatives in Uganda, in order to enable the school dropout get access to employment opportunity in Uganda. UCIPD is currently training and equipping the youth agricultural knowledge and to equip the students with the skills and knowledge in commercial agriculture for effective livelihood improvement.

Lango Sub-region is consisting of eight Districts which are under North Kyoga region . The main activities that they normally do for survival are based on agriculture as a source of their income. UCIPD was formed mainly to bridge the gap created by challenges of rural communities and through initiating agricultural institution to empower youth create access to survival within communities.

PROBLEM STATEMENT UCIPD;  Due to the low income of the urban and rural communities has caused  poverty in both urban and the rural areas, UCIPD strives to address poverty through their effort based in agricultural training by using manual means to cultivate their land as a demonstration ground for the institution, but after passing these students out, they have no access to employment opportunity, not only that most of the farmers lack equipments to help in primary and secondary cultivation such as tractors and Ox- Ploughs. That makes low productivity due to the lack of equipments. In addition to that the community has no access to the ware houses where they can store their products and wait for the right season to be sold.   Now UCIPD embarks on introducing new techniques in modern agricultural productivity through training farmer’s field personnel at UCIPD to be full time in the rural areas where the implementation of the proposed activity is based.    

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"let me thank the almighty God for good institute he directed me to,in a special way thank goes to principal and dean of students ucipd for the great piece of advice they gave to me may God bless you big"
obaro brian - senior accountant
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