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UCI has established partnerships with local, national and international organizations in order to link programs that create a more effective service to the communities. We are interested in building new partnerships in Uganda and internationally in order to form strong alliances, enabling us to learn from each other and develop our individual approaches to make positive changes to the societies that we serve. We particularly seek support in areas of funding, scholarships to needy students, training opportunities, research among others. Some of the collaborations made with UCIPD include;

  • Scholarship to diploma students from Advocates International for the academic year 2012 to date.
  • Scholarship for certificate students from Peace and reconciliation ministry in Africa.
  • Scholarship from Youth Build Foundation Uganda sponsoring students from Amolatar District
  • Staff capacity building workshop and training, funded by Advocates international and peace and reconciliation ministry in Africa.
  • Mass mobilization of out of school youth for scholarship a cross Lango and Acholi sub region in partnership with Active Vision Youth Foundation (ACVIYOF)

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