Institution Profile


Background on UCIPD

Uganda Christian Institute for Professional Development (UCIPD) is Christian based Higher Education institution deliberately targeting professional development. The Uganda Christian Institute for Professional Development was established in 2010 and incorporated by Registrar of companies in 2012. The Institute applied for and was granted a provisional license in March 2013 with license number TI.PL 0059 by National Council for Higher Education.

UCIPD is located in   Opelo Village, Boroboro West Parish, Adekokwok Sub-county, Erute South County-Lira District, Uganda. UCIPD was established following an empirical study that revealed increasingly acute shortage of middle level managers and technicians with the requisite knowledge to propel the country into middle level economy. However, this desire has been curtailed by the high cost of higher education and thus failure by potential students to afford it. UCIPD has therefore positioned itself to provide access to higher education to the poor and to a large extent dis-advantaged but qualifying children to access quality and meaningful all round higher education. UCIPD offers affordable, professional training in various disciplines which is in line with National Education Policy of the Republic of Uganda.

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