Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Data and computers are transforming virtually every facet of our professional and personal lives. Increasingly, they are the dominant media for how we generate, apply, and share knowledge. The Information Communication Technology program endeavors to prepare students for lives of work and study that require proficiency in using constructed electronic platforms, software, and large, complex data sets. The program is also deliberately problem-oriented and reflective. Instructors in the program assume that by paying attention to the values and motivations underlying the development and use of computers – and the consequences of computers and computation for society – students are more likely to understand what goes on beyond the user interface.


Procurement & logistics management

Procurement and Logistics Management is at the forefront of learning statistical methods for analyzing data collected from uncontrolled sources and harness it for management purposes. Since econometrics addresses challenges in estimation such as sample selection bias and treatment effects identification, the discipline is well-suited for the analysis of large and unsystematically collected business datasets. This course introduces statistical learning methods, which have been developed for analyzing business figures and information but which have only recently been implemented in economic research. The course also explores how econometrics and statistical learning methods cross-fertilize and can be used to advance knowledge in the numerous domains where large volumes of data are rapidly accumulating.

Design / Branding


The UCI Library plays a vital role in connecting students, faculty, and scholars across the academy with information, ideas, and each other. While we continue to support traditional modes of scholarship through our print collections, primary source material, and research consultations, we increasingly support emerging trends in learning and scholarship, such as digital information formats, multimedia production, data set utilization and management, and sustaining key partnerships to better enable student success.

Design / Branding


UCI has established partnerships with local, national and international organizations in order to link programs that create a more effective service to the communities. We are interested in building new partnerships in Uganda and internationally in order to form strong alliances, enabling us to learn from each other and develop our individual approaches to make positive changes to the societies that we serve. We particularly seek support in areas of funding, scholarships to needy students, training opportunities, research among others. Some of the collaborations made with UCIPD include;

  • Scholarship to diploma students from Advocates International for the academic year 2012 to date.
  • Scholarship for certificate students from Peace and reconciliation ministry in Africa.
  • Scholarship from Youth Build Foundation Uganda sponsoring students from Amolatar District
  • Staff capacity building workshop and training, funded by Advocates international and peace and reconciliation ministry in Africa.
  • Mass mobilization of out of school youth for scholarship a cross Lango and Acholi sub region in partnership with Active Vision Youth Foundation (ACVIYOF)

Campus Life


Living and learning together happens both inside and outside the classroom. Whether you live on campus or commute, getting involved in the UCI community is a great way to see what God has in store for you. Come and be part of what’s happening at UCI.


  • Serving in ministry together
  • Hanging out in the Student Commons Hall
  • Cross-Cultural ministry trips
  • UCI – Student Worship
  • Working out in the fitness center


  • Join Student Government, or a Student Government committee
  • Join a club – start a club
  • Student Activities
  • Study Groups
  • Attend Life Series events
  • Participate in small groups
  • Join the Cage Crew student cheering section

A God-Centered Education

Uganda Christian Institute puts God at the center of everything: from academics to campus life to off-campus leadership. Our close-knit campus offers an idyllic place to focus on what matters most. Your time spent here will bring you closer to your career goals, while bringing you closer to God. Grace’s inspired instructors will become more than teachers…they will act as mentors throughout your journey and beyond graduation. Because although you may arrive as a stranger, you’ll leave as family.

Come see for yourself!


Developmental Partners

We are inviting you to partner with us in this capital campaign to improve facilities and technology and expand scholarships, so we can accept even more students who want to serve Christ and need the education and preparation Grace provides


Annual Graduations

UCI holds annual graduation ceremonies for it’s students who excel in their courses of studies before they are launched into the working world. Graduation is getting a diploma or academic degree or the ceremony that is sometimes associated with it, in which students become graduates. The date of graduation is often called graduation day. The graduation ceremony itself is also called commencement, convocation or invocation.



Current UCI student-athletes identify values, build character and examine the role college athletics plays in higher education. Athletes return to campus with invaluable leadership skills; a thorough understanding of the differences between NCAA divisions as well as campus,